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Remove Omiga Plus (isearch.omiga-plus.com) adware

Omiga Plus by Taiwan shui Mu Chih Ching Technology, Inc. is a desktop maintenance application that merges the useful with the intrusive....

Backdoors, Government Hacking and the Next Crypto Wars

Christopher Soghoian, ACLU’s Principal Technologist, presents his study at Defcon highlighting the past and the present of the privacy and cryptography realm. Good morning...

How to remove Speedial Search homepage hijacker

The last few years’ adware propagation boom is particularly troubling, because not only do these nasty little cyber threats take the essential...

How to remove Sweet Page adware

Ambiguity in the nature of Sweet Page consists in its denoting both a rather harmless web page and a highly annoying application....

How to remove Trovi Search virus

What is Trovi Search? Circumventing user authorization while making changes to the way a...