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Mobile security software reviews

# Product Overall Score Download
1 avg-mobilation-anti-virus AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security 4.9/5 Read more Download Free
2 f-secure-mobile-security F-Secure Mobile Security 4.8/5 Read more Download 34.95$
3 iobit-advanced-mobile-care IObit Advanced Mobile Care 4.5/5 Read more Download Free
4 kaspersky-internet-security-for-android Kaspersky Internet Security for Android 4.5/5 Read more Download 19.99$

Why is mobile security software of growing importance?

The traditional mindset about cyber infections affecting computers only no longer applies to the present-day world. As the mobile technologies advance at an astonishing pace, smartphones and other portable devices are becoming an increasingly enticing target for fraudsters and hackers. No wonder – they all have operating systems, with program files, applications and large data storage capabilities. People use these gadgets to socialize, interact with the world via the internet and access their personal information wherever they go. All of these aspects virtually equal mobile devices with PCs, perhaps the sole difference being the size.

How can viruses get on your smartphone? Cyber criminals have adjusted their strategies to the specificity of these devices, infecting them through MMS and SMS messages, malware-bundled online downloads, Bluetooth, public Wi-Fi hotspots and software exploits. Once these malicious objects get through, they may impact the gadget in different ways, ranging from prankish things like transmitting ‘live video’ from your camera or sending funny messages on your behalf – all the way to more serious outcomes such as stealing sensitive information, initiating unsolicited outbound traffic to contaminate friends’ phones, making costly calls at your expense or even destroying the operating system from the inside. None of these are desirable, are they?

Therefore if you are using a smartphone, you need to be certain you are protected. The Best Mobile Security software does the trick, blocking malicious intrusion and eliminating the risk of contamination no matter where it may emanate from. Even if your phone is stolen or lost, you can use this software to remotely manage your gadget, lock it or remove valuable private information.

So keep enjoying the manifold world of mobile communication and content without viruses and unauthorized trespassing.

Best mobile security software review: evaluation criteria

When choosing the most suitable product, it’s a good idea to figure out what scope of protection you’re looking for and how well it will operate on your device. We have reviewed some of the top mobile security applications to provide the details that should give you clues to make the right pick:

  • Usability: Burdensome apps do not belong in the mobile realm. Setup is supposed to be easy, smooth, and take a short time to complete. Considering the limited CPU and battery resources of portable gadgets, the best mobile security software should be light enough to not consume too much of what could be otherwise used for mobility proper. Timely software updates are important as well, yet shouldn’t have too much of a slowdown effect.
  • Features: The industry-leading mobile security applications should go beyond the standard virus guard, additionally enabling you to customize the feature set, manage the level of defense and make use of some innovative options. It’s great if the program incorporates blacklisting / whitelisting for calls and messages, remote device and data management capabilities, file encryption options, device location functionality, anti-theft measures, application monitoring, and parental controls. Whereas the choice must be made on the basis of one’s individual requirements and priorities, we seek apps with the most optimal blend of features covering both protection and convenience.
  • Efficiency: This is probably the determinative criterion here. If a program is smart-looking and speedy but does not deliver the virus protection you need – it’s no good. The best mobile security software should effectively provide antivirus functions, anti-spam, real-time protection, quarantine features and the firewall to prevent infiltration from the outside and maintain due security inside the gadget. Generally, a mix of complete on-the-go virus protection with sophisticated anti-theft capabilities is what we are looking for in terms of effectiveness evaluation.
  • Support: Technical help for mobile security software isn’t supposed to be in any way inferior to that for computer apps. So email support, online chat, easy-to-browse FAQs and software manuals are relevant here as well. Diversity of support channels, availability of online help resources, and certainly effectiveness thereof are the main criteria we look at.