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Internet security suites reviews

# Product Overall Score Download
1 bitdefender-internet-security Bitdefender Internet Security 4.5/5 Read more Download 59.99
2 norton-security-box Norton Security 4.8/5 Read more Download 34.95$
3 avira-internet-security Avira Internet Security Suite 4.6/5 Read more Download 33.95$
4 f-secure-internet-security F-Secure Internet Security 4.8/5 Read more Download 59.99$
5 trend-micro-titanium-internet-security Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 4.6/5 Read more Download 63.48$
7 eset-smart-security ESET Smart Security 4.5/10 Read more Download 58.99
7 bullguard-internet-security BullGuard Internet Security 4.5/10 Read more Download 59.95
7 avg-internet-security AVG Internet Security 4.5/10 Read more Download 89.99
7 kaspersky-internet-security Kaspersky Internet Security 4.3/10 Read more Download 79.99
7 mcafee-internet-security McAfee Internet Security 3.5/10 Read more Download 79.99
7 pc-tools-internet-security PC Tools Internet Security Read more Download Retired as of 2013-05-18

What is internet security suites software and why use it?

There’s hardly any environment more lucrative for distribution of malicious software than the internet. Whether you like it or not, staying online makes you a desirable and perfectly reachable target for cyber fraud. Direct computer danger or probable identity theft may result from lots of online activities that are normally considered commonplace. These might be drive-by downloads where you don’t realize the jeopardy because it’s not explicit, or visiting compromised sites with bad scripts embedded in their code. Apart from that, a single click on a spam or phishing email link may suffice to have you suffer the consequences for your privacy. Under these circumstances, not being protected by reliable Internet Security software almost inevitably renders this whole mix explosive.

The idea of an internet security suite is not just about helping you switch to being a hard-to-hit moving target – it is meant to upset the criminals and completely eliminate the risks hailing from the web. The supplementary features that show this software to advantage in comparison with conventional antiviruses are advanced spyware and spam protection, high-level privacy defense, anti-adware, malignant browser helper objects detection, malicious URLs sandboxing / blocking, parental controls, and quite a few other things that are meant to make your online life more secure.

Evaluation criteria

Functional universality of the Internet Security Suites software group is beyond doubt its main virtue, yet it shouldn’t be implemented at the expense of system resources. We hence look for the programs featuring the best protection and concurrently manifesting great user experience. Be confident the Internet Security Suites provided on our list will keep you satisfied in every way while guarding you from the versatile cyber dangers created and controlled by the Internet crooks.

Our vision of the best Internet Security Suites Software is integrally associated with the following criteria:

  • Usability: Products featuring burdensome setup and unfriendly controls do not belong on our rating. The Privacy PC vision of the best suites in this category is fundamentally associated with smooth hassle-free installation, easy-to-use interface, low computer performance impact, moderate scan times, and reasonable user interference with the entire protection process. Last but not least, we consider the option of using a trial version for a certain period of time to be an additional benefit..
  • Features: One of the things that our recommended suites have in common is robust structure of the feature set enabling them all to conform to the highest industry standards. Most demanding user anticipations, on the one hand, and the obtained results, on the other, are a perfect match when an internet security suite covers different facets of online activity in addition to the standard malware protection. These include password management, web browsing security, parental controls, identity protection, application control, virtual keyboard, game mode etc. Being able to easily adjust the settings to one’s needs and preferences is yet another important criterion. The best internet security suites included into our rating will give you all of the above.
  • Efficiency: The extent of web-surfing safety provided by individual applications shapes up the barely perceptible – yet functionally substantial – gap between the good and the best internet security suites. We give additional points to the utilities that employ a complete set of measures to adequately withstand the widest range of threats distributed through various web channels. If a program is on our list, it has been thoroughly tested for effective spyware, spam, phishing, social networking, data theft protection within different technical ‘sets of coordinates’ such as the Operating Systems and computers’ data processing capabilities. We also tend to get pretty picky about the effectiveness of web browsing defenses, i.e. the way a particular Internet security suite filters out potentially malicious search links and blocks unsafe web pages. Extensively configurable parental controls that allow restricting kids’ access to certain categories of websites are one more thing we take scrupulously in our evaluation.
  • Support: In this regard, internet security suites are not supposed to be off the beaten track. This is where the good old customer dedication matters. Should you have a software functioning issue of any kind while using the program, you want to know what number you can dial, what email address you can shoot a message to, or where the exhaustive software documentation can be found. No matter which method you pick, you should get the questions answered and the problems fixed. At Privacy PC, we attach special importance to customer help as this is one of the underlying things software excellence is made up of.