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Police Ransomware

Guide to remove New Zealand Police virus

The New Zealand Police virus, also known as "Nga Pirihimana o Aotearoa" or New Zealand E-crime Lab ransomware, is targeting users physically...

The US Department of Justice MoneyPak Virus Removal Tutorial

The reputable name of the United States Department of Justice has been disgracefully exploited in cybercrime schemes since late May 2013. Scammers...

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Ransomware Virus Analysis and Removal

A big trend of today’s cybercrime is distributing ransomware locking victims’ computers allegedly on behalf of local law enforcement agencies. One of...

Australian Federal Police (AFP) Ukash Virus – Description and Removal Advice

Victim geolocation being today’s big trend in the cybercrime world, the ransomware version attacking Australian users came out in summer 2013. Similarly...

Guide to Remove Metropolitan British Police Ransomware Virus

The Metropolitan British Police virus is one of the series of sophisticated geographically localized ransomware threats (FBI MoneyPak, PCeU malware) affecting computers...

Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) Ukash/Paysafecard Virus: Ransomware Analysis and Removal

Following the influx of the FBI MoneyPak ransomware variants, yet another type of extortion technique came to be in June 2012, pretending...