Cloud Computing security: interview with Kurt Wismer


Kurt WismerKurt Wismer, security expert author of Antivirus Rants, gives his opinion about the security technologies based on Cloud Computing.

– Which are the main cybersecurity troubles for common Internet users?

– I think the main problems are pretty much the normal ones that you would think of: botnets, banking trojans, Spam, phishing – just the normal sorts of malware that you encounter on the web.

– Hackers are sophisticating even more their abilities. Which would be the future of hacking?

– Hackers increase their sophistication in response mostly to what the security companies are doing, not really in response to users because users aren’t really changing much. So really, the future of hacking depends on the future of the security industry. What the security industry does in the future will sort of dictate what the hackers do. Right now, the hackers are just creating a lot more malware, by very very large numbers, huge numbers of malware per minute, per second even – all in order to get past the security companies. So that is probably gonna continue, but what else – really depends on what the security companies do.

– Cloud Services are increasing year by year. How could this kind of technology affect the users’ security?

– The Cloud Technologies are gonna affect the user in the sense that the user’s gonna place a lot more data in the Cloud. And that data is going to be at risk because the Clouds become a very popular, a very tempting target for attackers. So because all that information is all in one place instead of on many different computers, it’s going to be…there’s going to be breaches of those sorts of services. But I don’t think it’s gonna stop people from using them, I really don’t. I don’t think that they pay much attention to it.

– Which is your opinion about the new security technologies based on Cloud Computing?

– I think that the technologies that leverage the Cloud, I think it’s a good idea that they do, that they take advantage of the Cloud to speed up the deployment of, basically, signatures and that sort of information. I think that they could go further with it, but I think that security technologies in general can go further than what they are doing right now. I’d like to see more companies going the Cloud road. There are a few already but, really, I’d like to see pretty much all of them, at least as far as the scanners go – I’d like to see all of them go that road. I’d also like to see application whitelisting vendors. Some of them already have Cloud capabilities, but I’d like to see more go that road as well. Well, that’s pretty much it.