App Development Cost

App development cost

Creating an app may be one way out of your boring nine to five. The investments in an app may turn out to be fruitful with proper planning and execution. App development cost requires an understanding of all the factors and hidden determinants. Learn here in detail how much does it cost to build an app to make a user-friendly working application.

Your plan to become an entrepreneur in the app market is sure to work out if you use the resources correctly and start the process right. Along with a plan and basic idea for your app, you need to have finances and a set budget to encounter any roadblocks in the way. As per CB insights reports, about 29% of startups run out of cash and 8% reach the stage of burnout.

This may be heartbreaking if you have invested a lot of efforts, time, and money into the project. So, for you to not become a part of these statistics, we have covered all the factors that determine the app cost. Your path of success will feel secure with the right investment over cheap ways to save money. Keep on reading.

How much does an app cost?

While designing an app, you should be prepared to spend anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000. This is not the exact amount as it depends on various factors such as the complexity of the app and additional features. A simple application may cost more than $10,000 and take three to five months to complete.

An app with simple API features and applications may cost $10,000 to $50,000 and finish in six to nine months. Furthermore, a more advanced app with a large database and features may cost anywhere between $50,000 and $150,000 and take more than nine months to come to reality.

You will also need to make your app secure with enhanced features regardless of its features. Here are some ways to enhance the security of your mobile application. Along with these basic features, you may go overboard with the additional features. So, it is necessary to know which ones to keep or skip your app. An iterative estimate from Spdload will help you understand the cost analysis better.

Factors affecting the app development cost

The main factors that impact the app development cost are the complexity of the app, design and structure, and the running platform. With a heavy-duty design and features, the app’s cost will go up. The integration of platforms and adding features such as social media and streaming will increase the cost. Read and find out how artificial intelligence may impact the app development process. 

The complexity level of app development

The features and integration of the app may be the main input to the app development cost. Your choice of features and their complexity determine the cost of the app. The basic understanding of your requirements with the developer will help in getting the right amount of features. For a simple app, you may include login, sign up, notification, message, admin, and support panel.

A larger database with more features such as photo and video sharing, social media integration, and location settings may be more complex. Such an app requires a good customer base, synchronization, and better security. Furthermore, for a feature-rich and large scale application, you need to focus on advanced planning and app nativity for a better analysis.

For such an advanced application, you need better visuals and precise features to work together. This requires multiple servers, databases, and good infrastructure to have a good speed.

Design of the Application

Designing the app is the most integral part of the app as it determines the cost and features. If you have a restricted budget, you may use simple design templates. However, with an increase in the customization, the price of the app design will increase. These custom templates will also need more time and planning to work with the app.

The layout, color scheme, typography, shapes, and external elements determine how the app will look to the user. You may create mockups to understand the visuals and edit them on the go. These may impact the users, sales, and overall engagement with the ease of use and performance of the app in the market.

The branding and UX UI of the app will enhance the user experience, even more, but with an increase in the price. Also, getting an advanced copywriter for your app will add up to the cost. If you choose a native speaking writer, you may need to shell out more for the service.

Platforms on which the App will Run

Your application can be for android, iOS, or both the platforms. The application that runs on a singular platform is a native one. An application that runs on various platforms is in the hybrid or cross-platform category. Generally, a cross-platform application requires more design to work with ease on all the platforms.

The native app will work either on android or on iOS, and this will depend on the number of users of the device. Before you decide the platform, take into consideration the market share, device fragmentation, and prevalence. Native apps have smooth operations and make full use of device-specific features.

On the other hand, a hybrid app covers a broader market and needs more web-based and native features. You will need dual designers and developers to ensure the quality and working of the hybrid app. Although this will come with a higher price and double manpower that is required.

Overview of Features

The features of the application come down to the simple attention to the details and the navigation buttons. There should be no lag when the user is switching from one tab to another. Also, the speed of the loading pictures and content determine user experience and impact the performance of the app in the market.

Besides, the flexibility of the app on platforms and security features ensure the user information is protected. The payment gateways of the apps should serve a large number of people and should be safe enough on all the platforms. Moreover, the search features and options of the app should be accurate. The focus of the color scheme should work around the color psychology for the user to spend more time on the app.

The option to turn on and disable the push notifications should be there for the user. Besides, the features of user feedback, support, and chat should be there for assistance. You may choose these features to be as complex or as simple as required depending upon your budget.

Hidden costs in app development

As you learnt about the factors to consider for app development cost, there may be some hidden factors that may not cross your mind. There may be some last-minute changes, administration needs, and advertisements of the app that will conclude the one final cost of the plan. These include,

  • Functional Costs
  • Admin or Management Costs
  • Infrastructural Cost
  • Support Charges

There may be some variants depending upon the users and location, so it is hard to round up an exact number. If you are looking for new app trends, here are some telemedicine app development trends. The execution and promotion of the app may also add up for the app to reach to the users.

Executers: Local Agency vs Outsource

This is an essential component of your app-building as your team members determine the brainstorming sessions and features. The team you choose for your app will come with several advantages and together make a unit to create an app that is budget-saving and still loaded with features. As a startup, you may look for ways to reduce the cost but look for the bigger picture of your investments returning to you.

Also, create a team that is easy to work with and understands the flow of work. You may choose from the following options,

Local Agency: This is ideal for ones who are low on time and need more human resources to work and deliver in a short period of time. However, this comes with a high price of finding developers in the same region. The local agencies are brilliant for transparent communication, last-minute changes, and regular deliveries. If budget is not an issue for you, this can be a great investment.

With a simple cost-benefit analysis, you may come to the conclusion of a local team’s worth for your app development. This may add up to the overall cost, but you will get the quality in work you’ll be paying for. So, for an effortless working situation, you may consider hiring a local team with a few freelancers.

Outsource the team: If you are on a tight budget, you may consider outsourcing the brainpower for your app development and designing. It will help in bringing the cost low without compromising on the quality of the work. You can choose from a number of candidates and hire them with no geographical constraints.

With technologically advanced management tools and apps, you may find communication easy even when your developer may be working in another part of the world. You may hesitate before hiring, but outsourcing the work will prove to be great for the app development. The actual cost of the hiring may depend on the country to country; however, you may compare from the pay gaps. 

Outsourcing the work may be better than the local authorities due to the cost-effectiveness and no-fuss communication between the parties. Moreover, the professionals are accountable and reliable for their work and deliver on time. So, your app development can go smoothly. 


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