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The New Scourge of Ransomware: A Study of CryptoLocker and Its Friends

Security experts Lance James and John Bambenek tell the Black Hat USA audience how they got together on the CryptoLocker ransomware case and how...

Cerber ransomware: virus removal and file recovery

Cybercriminals keep on devising intricate instruments in pursuit of a more efficient online extortion. Compared to the myriads of crypto ransomware floating...

Locky ransomware: virus removal and decryption advice

The victims of ransom Trojans incur a great deal of damage because the thing at stake is their personal data. The indicators...

Zepto extension virus: files restoration and ransomware removal

Crypto ransomware programs come and go, but the idea of online extortion stays and perseveres with its progress. Having vanished from the...