Beyond Information Warfare 5: Bio-Engineering and Distributed Intelligence

Winn Schwartau’s emphasis within this section is on advancement of bio-engineering and computer power increase, and the way these can possibly be weaponized.

Bio-engineering on the rise

Bio-engineering on the rise

Some stuff is amazing these days, some of the new technologies. We are going to have bio-engineered prosthetics. And can we fuck with that technology? We have a lot of security problems with computers and networks and devices, or whatever – now we’re going to merge it with the humans. Are we ready for that, when the bad guys start screwing with it? Or should we start designing in higher levels of defensive posture before massive deployment of this technology? I argue we need to do better defensive engineering at the life cycle development curve. And every development team should have hostile people as part of it, build in the hostile mindset at the very beginning of every development cycle.

Brain engineering progress

Brain engineering progress

Brain stuff: they did it on a TV show, it was one of the news channels, and they had a quadriplegic lady, and they gave her some implants on her brain and whole mobility with silicone devices and hardware. It was absolutely amazing. She was able to actually eat ice cream using her brain waves. Are we going to be able to screw with this? The answer is Yes. This technology is in alpha stage, it’s proof of concept. I want evil minds addressing it now, before some committee says: “I truthfully state that this is going to work great in an ideal non-hostile environment.” And that’s, unfortunately, how many standards are created, in a simple benign environment, and I don’t believe that we live in a benign environment.

We’re going to be treating mental illness with more and more electronic type of impulses. We’re seeing much more with audio waves and cancellation frequencies. It’s an interference pattern that exists electromagnetically. They are having a very profound effect upon various forms of mental illness. How do we screw with that?

This community knows how to reverse engineer and duplicate stuff on the cheap.

Military is taking sound waves and using them for crowd control. Is that ever going to end up in the hands of the bad guys? Hell yeah, because whatever the good guys can build for a million dollars, you, when you’re not looking at porn, can do for $10. That’s what this community does: takes that million-dollar thing that I can do for $5. It could be the other way around. The point is: this community knows how to reverse engineer and duplicate stuff on the cheap. I want it done more and more for these new technologies.

Modern PCs: small size, huge power

Modern PCs: small size, huge power

Distributed technology, distributed power; the largest computer in the world, what is it? The largest computer in the world is hostile botnets. Think about it. Now it’s available to the bad guys, for how much money? That costs them free, doesn’t it? They rely upon ignorance and apathy on the part of users in order to become part of them. So the same technology that was relegated only to nation states 20-30 years ago is now currently part of the bad guys’ arsenal. How do we defend against this? I can’t get anybody in Washington to even acknowledge it’s a problem, because they don’t understand the fundamental nature of multithreading, multitasking, and all this MPU kind of things that are going on. Some low level guys get it, but getting anything up in the hierarchy is not happening.

Exploitable cloud

Exploitable cloud

EC2 – I’m a huge fan of EC2, I think Amazon is doing an amazing job, cloud stuff notwithstanding; I love total flexibility of the way that network works. Will Amazon sell massive amounts of EC2 space to Al Qaeda? Of course they will, because Al Qaeda is going to use anonymity, they’re going to use bad guy stuff, and nobody is going to know there’s Al Qaeda inside of it. The same technology that is available to us is still available to the bad guys, and we’re not considering this in the way that they’re attacking.

Four years ago I was looking for a present for my 7- or 8-year-old nephew. They had this intelligent nano-tech thing that was on a macro scale, kind of like big Legos, and they had automatic architecture built into it. It was absolutely awesome: unpredictable behavior. It was tremendous. As we move forward in this world of nano-tech, are the bad guys going to have access to nano? “Toys R Us”, yes, the bad guys are only good at “Toys R Us”.

It’s got to be done open source so we can have real discussion.

This technology is going to be awesome. We can do some tremendously great things with it. Turn on your evil hat, please. What is so great in this technology that we might be able to have defensive posture built into it? Or is it kept so far from us that we’re completely screwed? I don’t know the answer, but I do know that it’s going to be weaponized. One way or another it’s going to be weaponized, and we need to start thinking of what the defenses are going to be. And the only way to do that is to figure out how to turn them into weapons first. And it has to be done in an open source environment, not the classified DOD or MI6 or GCHQ. It’s got to be done open source so we can have real discussion. And maybe there’s a way to build some defenses? I don’t know the answer. But I do have a question and I know the frustration I’ve had for 30 years, getting to where we are.

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