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What are the peculiarities of Premium Security Suites software?

Premium security suites are acquiring steadily growing relevance due to the versatility they deliver. This kind of software is intended to provide all-around computer security, data protection and system optimization services as a single kit, which makes it a great pick for those seeking convenience and far-reaching defense from different angles.

Combining the features of conventional antivirus, antimalware, antispyware, Internet security and privacy software with system integrity protection and performance optimization modules, premium security suites address the issue of complete all-in-one PC guard and system maintenance provision. Consequently, this spares you the nuisance of installing and managing a number of standalone utilities which will be sure to burden the OS beyond reason. Another benefit is the cost: though usually pretty high for premium security software, it’s definitely lower than the total amount you pay for separate tools. Plus, you get no conflicting issues because the components of premium security suites software are fit to ‘cooperate’ smoothly and enhance each other, causing no compatibility trouble whatsoever. Furthermore, most of these solutions tend to include smartphone and tablet protection functionality, accommodating essential security for portable devices running mobile platforms as well.

Best Premium Security Suites software: evaluation benchmarks

Below is the set of criteria we take into consideration when reviewing and rating the utilities representing this group of security software.

  • Usability: Bearing in mind that premium security suites are inherently powerful software entities, user experience should be unaffected by any sort of resource devouring, overly lengthy maintenance processes, and suchlike. Simple setup, well-balanced and brisk task execution, reasonably lightweight defense implementation, and fast scanning are on the plus side of a product when we scrutinize its usage-related characteristics. Another big factor has to do with how easy-to-use and straightforward the interface is. The more of the above check boxes can be ticked, the greater chance an application has got to make it to our rating.
  • Regular and Premium Features: When it comes to identifying the best premium security suites, there is no room for incompleteness of their feature set. This software ought to include standard features, such as parental controls, removable media scanning, application control, virtual keyboard, gamer mode, task scheduling, etc. – apart from the underlying security criteria we listed above. Additionally, to comply with the highest industry standards these applications should deliver premium features like performance enhancement instruments, password management options, network protection, and the like. We also look for mobile compatibility and the options for synchronizing files across computers and portable devices.
  • Efficiency: An appropriate level of defense against zero-day and catalogued threats is a substantial merit of premium security suites. To efficiently combat known and emerging infections, vendors typically deliver a blend of regular signature-based techniques, behavioral analysis, and the increasingly popular Cloud approach. In our software reviews, we evaluate the defense implementation methods; detection, removal and system remediation scores; as well as the innovation aspect of the antivirus modules.

    The online security criterion implies premium security suites’ capacity to cope with the objective of keeping you away from the grey zone of the Internet. More specifically, users need to be confident they are fully protected from phishing attacks, spam, hacker intrusion, drive-by downloads, online banking frauds, bots etc. Technically speaking, the best premium security suites should go with reliable two-way firewall, expansive URL sandboxing database, spam filter, phishing countermeasures, as well as email and IM protection.

    In terms of identity and privacy protection, being able to delete personal files beyond recovery is one of the options this type of software should provide. Whereas the items removed via the regular operating system’s Delete functionality can be subsequently retrieved using forensic tools, applying special wipe algorithms ensures no third parties can access your sensitive data. On the reverse side of this, in case you need to keep your important files backed up, premium security suites software vendors should enable their customers to use online storage for such data to remain intact at all times.

  • Support: Customer dedication and support responsiveness are certainly on the list of decision-making factors influencing the way our ratings shape up. There has to be a choice of options for getting technical support and customer service overall. Response timeliness is another significant benchmark here, affecting the perception of both the software and the vendor on the client’s end. We pick the utilities that go with diverse contact opportunities (online chat, telephone, email, ticket submitting), self-help resources (knowledgebase, FAQs, tutorials), interactive help, etc.