Drinking From the Caffeine Firehose We Know as Shodan

Freelance pentest guy Dan Tentler, aka Viss, delivers a talk at Defcon 20 about different digital control and supervision systems that can be accessed...

“How safe is your browser?” – Peter Eckersley on personally identifiable information basics

Technology Projects Director for EFF Peter Eckersley speaks at Defcon 18 on methods for identifying a person based on different sets of information,...

F-Secure Mobile Security review

The inception of due mobile security is all about the measures taken for assuring it. Idle approach of doing basically nothing and...

Hacking in the Far East

The entry reflects an extremely interesting insight into the peculiarities of general security perception in Eastern Asia, presented by the well-known German computer security...

Create, save and store secure passwords: Interview with David Emm, Kaspersky Lab.

David Emm is a Senior Security Researcher at Kaspersky Lab. Today we’re gonna be talking about password security, and David’s here with some...

Beyond Information Warfare: Winn Schwartau on Attack Mindset Methodology

Distinguished security specialist Winn Schwartau delivers an engaging talk at DerbyCon, covering the issues of technology being exploited and weaponized. Hi! How many guys...

Criminal Education: Preventing Corporate Data Breaches

Art Gilliland, Senior Vice President & General Manager of HP Software Enterprise Security Products, expresses his vision of corporate information security during RSA...

6 Ways to hacker-proof your website from cyber attacks

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that your website won’t be targeted by hackers, or that the hackers won’t be successful....

Understanding CAPTCHA-Solving Services in an Economic Context, by Marti Motoyama

Participating in the USENIX Security Symposium, software engineer and security researcher Marti Motoyama presents an in-depth study of automated and human-based CAPTCHA-solving services...


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AV Evasion: Lessons Learned

At DerbyCon event, Metasploit core developer David Maloney aka "Thelightcosine" presents the ins and outs of making payloads undetected by antivirus software. David: Good morning...

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VX – The Virus Underground

The German VXer and social engineer Marcell Dietl, aka SkyOut, gives a presentation at 24C3 conference organized by Chaos Computer Club (CCC) to describe...

ParetoLogic Privacy Controls review

#2 in Internet Privacy software ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is a robustly designed, powerful and easy-to-use tool to overwrite...

A Security Aficionado – Interview with Tom Eston

Tom Eston has many years of experience in penetration testing and security assessments. Currently Tom is the manager of the highly skilled Profiling...

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